Three female figures, one for each packaging.
1. Suver Haze
Suver means "Clean". This particular strain is a "Sativa" but leans to a "hybrid" feel. Which makes you feel both calm but active. Suver Haze has black pepper and sweet fruity smell.
2. White CBG
This strain is very frosty and sparkling in appearance and has a creamy lemon aroma. Gives you a delightfully calming feel while you remain active and alert.
3. Hawaiian Haze
A "Sativa" makes people feel happy, euphoric and uplifted. It has a floral smell and taste of tropical fruit.
The purpose of this project is to create a visual identity of the products, creating uniformity between the packaging and maintaining the identifying characteristics of each of them.
Illustrations for the packaging of the cannabis flowers produced by Miss Perry Farms

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